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Museum of Science, Kyiv 2022

Listening to the sound of wood and metal, playing a musical instrument without touching it, and studying the human body - now you can do all this at the Museum of Science at VDNH.
Take pictures from afar, or maybe not at all.
Do not smear, do not follow, do not break, do not sit down, do not move, do not tug, do not test, do not breathe ... Ooooh noooo! Do NOT touch in the Museum of Science!

The Museum of Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the first state museum to demonstrate the most important scientific achievements of mankind, their laws and interaction in a clear and accessible form. Here you can ride a square-wheeled bicycle, go on a space journey, see a two-meter hologram and a multi-kilogram crystal, learn how the human body is structured, and hold a model of the human brain and organs. In addition, visitors will have a lot of discoveries and impressions.

Client: Gres Todorchuk

Customer: Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Collaborators: ARUP

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