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Ukraine WOW

"Ukraine WOW" was an interactive exhibition created by "Ukrzaliznytsia" to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition space at the Central Railway Station in Kyiv. The exhibition ran from November 14, 2019, to March 12, 2020. Ukraine WOW became the most extensive exhibition project in Ukraine, with over 333,000 visitors in four months, earning it a place in the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

The primary goal of Ukraine WOW was to acquaint visitors with the geography, industry, history, and culture of Ukraine. The exhibition aimed to showcase the best of Ukraine and inspire Ukrainians to embark on active journeys and explore their homeland. The total exhibition area exceeded 3,900 square meters.

Client: Gres Todorchuk

Customer: Ukrainian Railways “Ukrzaliznytsia”

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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